7 Best Trading App in India 2022 | Best stock market mobile app.

Best Trading App in India 2022

Friends, are you looking for a Mobile Trading App through which you can invest in the stock market ? So now your wait is over. In this article, we are going to tell you about 7 Best Mobile Trading Apps in India. Which is safe and reliable for you. With which you can earn money by investing in the stock market sitting at home.

You can earn good money by investing in Mutual Fund, SIP, Securities, Bonds, Share, IPO, etc. through the 7 Best Trading Apps that we are telling about .
Apart from this, all these trading apps also give you referral income . That is, you can earn money by referring all these trading apps to a friend, relative or other people .

You can trade from anywhere, on the go through Online Trading App . For this you do not need to go to any stockbroker again and again. Nor is there any need to make a phone call to the stockbroker to know the price of any share or place an order.

Before telling about Top Trading App in India , do you know what is Trading App?

What is Trading App ?

Trading App is a discount broker mobile application through which we can make online trading in stock market easy. Through this, we can invest in shares, securities, bonds, mutual funds, SIP , IPO etc. of any company sitting at home . Also, through this we can earn good money by buying and selling shares of a company daily in the stock market.

There was a time when we had to go to the stockbroker’s office to buy shares of any company. Or had to call and ask the price of the shares. In which we used to spend a lot of time.

But now with more use of the Internet , everything has started going online. The effect of which we have also seen in online trading. Today we do not need to go to any stockbroker to invest in the stock market. Rather , you can invest in the stock market sitting at home through any safe and reliable Best Mobile Trading App .

Benefits of Best Trading App.

How Stock Trading App is beneficial for an investor. You can know from the following points.

Through the trading app, you can open Demat Account and Trading Account sitting at home .
You can open a Demat account for free on many trading apps.
After opening a Demat account, you can buy and sell shares of any company.
Through the trading app, you can do daily trading along with investing in the stock market.
If you do not know how to trade, then you can learn to trade here by investing a little money. Because here you can start trading by investing at least Rs 100.
Through Mobile Trading App you can invest in Mutual Fund, IPO, SIP, ETF Gold, Bonds, Securities, etc.
Trading app is a kind of discount stockbroker, so you also get 0% brokerage facility on many trading apps.
Easy and Real Time Order Placement.
You get to see the stock market prices live.
Get alerts on the trades you have done at the right time.
Through this, information about the portfolio and market size of all companies is available.

Know which trading app is best for share market.

Here we have given you India’s best ‘ Mobile Trading App ‘ to invest in the stock market . Through which you can invest by planning investment in the stock market sitting at home. For which you have to open your ‘ Demat Account ‘ in any of the trading apps given below .

Best Trading App- Best Stock Market App in India 2022

Nowadays you will find many online trading apps on Mobile Play Store . With which you can start trading in the stock market. But we cannot trust every trading app. Because there are such apps in the market which also work to cheat people. But we will tell you about some of the 7 best share market trading apps here . which is safe and reliable.

Upstox Trading App

Upstox App is currently India’s most growing discount broking trading app. Through this you can easily invest in Equity, Commodities, and Currency Derivatives in BSE , NSE and MCX . Upstox Company is owned by RKSV Securities Pvt. Ltd. is near. The company was formed in the year 2009 by the co-founders Mr. Ravi Kumar and Mr. Raghu Kumar.

This app is built on top of Omnisys NEST OMS (Order Management System). Therefore, its interface gives investors a new trading experience.

Upstox App is a reliable and safe app for trading. It is a SEBI recognized trading app and works under its rules.

If we talk about reliability, so far more than one crore people have downloaded this app. And this app has a rating of 4.5/5 on Play Store and 4.2/5 on App Store.

To start trading through Upstox App, you have to open Demat Account and Trading. Then you can use this trading app.

Key Features of Upstox Trading App.

  1. The interface of Upstox is very simple. By which trading is easy.
  2. Through Upstox, there is facility to invest in Shares, Mutual Funds, SIP, IPO, Commodities, etc. in NSE, BSE and MCX.
  3. It features more than 100 technical signals in real time.
  4. Facility to create watchlist of preferred company’s stock is available. Through which you can see the fluctuations in the stock price.
  5. Facility to trade on mobile app as well as web page.
  6. Upstox gives you an opportunity to earn from Rs.300 to Rs.1000 through Referral.

Zerodha Trading App

At present Zerodha is the most popular mobile trading app company in India. Which provides the service of trading in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds and Commodities in the stock market. It was established in the year 2010. It provides investment facility to the clients at the lowest brokerage charges.

The credibility of the app can be gauged from the fact that in today’s time this app has more than 23 lakh active customers. It is the largest stock brokerage company in India in terms of clients.

Zerodha gives its user a simple and great interface to trade in real time. Because of which investors like it very much. From the point of view of investing in the stock market, zerodha is a great option for you.

Zerodha is a very safe trading app. Because it gives you the facility of Biometric (Fingerprint and Face ID) 2FA. And all its work is subject to the rules of SEBI.

Groww Investment App

Groww App is also a popular trading application. Through which you can start investing in Equity, Bonds, Mutual Funds, IPO, SIP, etc. in NSE and BSE. Due to its light interface, the user gets a good experience.

It is providing the facility of stock broker in the stock market since last 12 years. That’s why we can say that it is a reliable mobile trading app. And due to working under the rules of SEBI, we can assume that this is a safe trading app.

To trade with Groww App you need to open Demat Account and Trading Account. Here no fee is charged for opening Demat Account and maintaining the account. Here you can open Demat account for free. But you have to pay the trading charges. Which is very less.

Angel Broking Mobile App

Angel Broking is a stock trading app. Which provides a platform to the investors to invest in the stock market from any place. It gives investors more than 40 technical charts to analyze. Through which you can know the latest status of any stock.

Features of Angel Broking App.

  1. Shows the up-down position of the stock market.
  2. It provides the facility of intraday charts to the investors.
  3. Angel Broking App accepts more than 40+ online banking.
  4. In this you get the updates of market news.
  5. Facility to create segment wise watchlist.
  6. Customer care call facility as and when required.
  7. Facility to login on web and mobile. (Cannot be logged in on both platforms at the same time.)

5paisa Mobile App

5Paisa is a discount broker app. Through which you can start investing in mutual funds, SIPs, commodities, securities, bonds, etc. in the share market. Its interface is very simple which provides a good experience to the investors.

At present, the name of this app is being counted as a popular trading application. Therefore this app is a better option for the investors.

To know all the information related to 5Paisa App read this article – What is 5Paisa App and How to use Demat Account?

Features of 5Paisa Trading App.

  1. One click placement order.
  2. Live update of stock market price.
  3. Facility to trade in Shares, Commodity, Currency, Mutual Fund, SIP, IPO, etc in BSE, NSE and MCX.
  4. Live chat facility.
  5. Watchlist creation facility.
  6. Real time price update notification.

IIFL Market Trading App

IIFL Markets is a reliable and secure mobile trading app. This app has been awarded the Best Stock Market Trading App in India by Z-Business. It gives the facility of real time investment to the investors.

Through this app you can invest in Mutual Funds, SIPs, Stocks, Gold, Commodities, etc. It also gives you the facility of guest login.

You can place IIFL Market in the best mobile trading in India.

Key Features of IIFL Market App.
Facility to invest in Mutual Funds through Mobile App.

  1. Facility of real time update interface.
  2. Share market news updates.
  3. Simple and attractive design.
  4. advisory assistance.
  5. Watchlist creation facility.

ICICI Direct Trading App

ICICI Direct is India’s very reliable and secure mobile trading app. Through which you can earn money by trading in stocks, commodities, bonds, mutual funds, IPOs, etc. of companies in NSE and BSE .

To invest in the share market through this mobile app, you need to open a Demat account and a trading account.

Features of ICICI Direct Trading App.

  1. Market analysis report.
  2. Facility to invest in Equity,
  3. Mutual Fund, IPO.
  4. Facility to track order book.
  5. Detailed information of company portfolio.
  6. Biometric based login facility for security.
  7. Real time feature of easy interface.


Can I trade in share market from mobile?

Yes, trading in the share market from mobile is very easy.

Can I invest in mutual funds through trading app?

Yes, some mobile trading apps keep telling you some important information about the stock market from time to time.

Can we learn about share market through mobile trading app?

Yes, some mobile trading apps keep telling you some important information about the stock market from time to time.

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